So, there’s a bunch of my friends on Facebook posting and sharing about mechanically separated chicken and how it’s served up at McDonalds and other fast food places. Seriously?


Looked too weird to be true, so I looked up “mechanically separated chicken”. Ummm…

Of course, had an interesting article with exactly the text my friends were sharing on Facebook. True sign of a scam, right? But you know, what’s really the deal with the pink stuff? Exaggerated, maybe. Gross, kinda. But worth taking seriously?

The end of the Snopes article has the video of the Jamie Oliver segment that shows, in a way kids (and people like me) can understand, what “mechanically separated chicken” is and how it’s made.

Admittedly, this video finally put me over the top. After watching this, I was so disgusted I’m now trying to figure out what in our house is made from mechanically separated chicken and separating it from my house. By the end of the night, they will all in the garbage…

… including my Vienna Sausage.

This is serious.